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Science lesson plan about light for preschool and kindergarten

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  • Turn off the lights. How can we see each other? Our sun gives light so we can see, and energy so we can be warm. What happens at night? 
  • Show a light bulb, and explain that before Thomas Edison invented a light bulb, people had to use other ways of seeing things at night. Talk about fire, candles, mirrors and reflections, gaslight, lightning etc.
  • Flashlights use battery power. When all the energy is used from the battery, the flashlight cannot work, and the batter must be replaced with a new one. The used battery must be discarded.
  • Set up a discovery table for “light” – include candles, flashlights, small mirrors, metal spoons, colored cellophane, color paddles, batteries, wires, models of sun, earth, moon; model periscope; paper and markers, and books. (Light bulbs with supervision).
Light is necessary for people to see, work and play. We have natural light from the sun, but we also need forms of artificial light, such as that provided by electricity and batteries. Take the children into a room with no windows and turn the lights out. Would we be able to eat dinner, read a book, get dressed etc?
When we look into a mirror, we can see our face. When we look into a mirror in a dark room, can we still see our face? I wonder why/why not? Light reflects (bounces back) from the mirror so we can see ourselves. The dimmer the light, the darker our reflection.
When we put a translucent piece of cellophane or a color paddle in front of a flashlight lens, we can change the color of the light, and anything it shines on.


  • Play Red Light, Green Light with 2 flashlights with cells over the lens.
  • Paint a big sun with hot, fiery colors.
  • Create shadow silhouettes in a dark room with a flashlight.
  • Pretend you are living in the days when light bulbs were not invented yet. Tell us about how you would see things at night. Make a picture and teacher write the words.
  •  Play “123, look and see” (what is missing?) with light source items and pictures.

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