Sink or Float

Physical Science

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Sink or float science for preschool and kindergarten - activities

Core Learning Experience

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  •  A tub filled with water, corks, pencils, paper clips, crayons, pieces of wood, marbles, plastic spoons, bar of soap, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, commercial playdoh.
  • Understand vocab: sink, float, heavy, light. observe, predict, conclusion
  • Observe and discuss general properties of each item, and predict whether it might float or sink.
  • After testing, talk about why it sank or floated.
  • Make “boats’’ from foil and/or Styrofoam, and place items in the boats. What happens? Why?
  • How can you make a ball of commercial playdoh float?
  • Try this with various kinds of fruit and vegetables
  • Categorize items in various ways – e.g. size, material, buoyancy, weight, etc on a divided paper. Label and read.
  • Create boats from pop sticks, sponges, plastic baggies, plastic lids, paper and cardboard – be creative!
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