Parts of a Computer

Physical Science

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Core Learning Experience

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Possible/Expected Discoveries

Extended Learning and Other Curriculum Areas


  • Gather around a computer, with all the trimmings and talk about the various parts: monitor, screen, keyboard, mouse, computer, speakers, keyboard tray, cords, CD/DVD-ROM, ports, printer, cartridge – continue on as long as the children are interested.
  • Review – Who can find the…?
  • Computers are machines that follow our directions to do work, solve problems, communicate with other people, and play games.
  • We use the mouse and the keyboard to tell the computer what to do.
  • The CD/DVD ROM is like a book, and can hold words, pictures and video. The computer can read the CD/DVD ROM.
  • The monitor screen shows us the work that we have done with the computer.
  • The printer takes words and pictures from the computer, and copies them onto paper so we can keep them and read them whenever we want.
  • Find some letters and numbers on the keyboard.
  • Introduce a program and have the children try it out.
  • Draw a simple screen on paper, and have the children make a design or picture on it.
  • Older children can discuss and design a program that they would like to use.
  • Can you think of some other machines that help us do work?
  • Can you think of some other machines with screens? With letters on them? With speakers? That we can talk to other people with? That we can write with?
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