Battery Electricity

Physical Science

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Battery electricity preschool science activities

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  • Exploring flashlights to illustrate the concept of battery power. Set out some inexpensive battery operated flashlights to investigate. How does it work?
  • As an extension of the battery-as-power-source idea, create a circuit with battery and wires, and make a bulb light up. A closed circuit is needed to make the light work. How many different ways can we connect the wires, battery and bulb to make the bulb light up?
  • Where does the light come from? How does the switch work? What will we find inside the flashlight? Can you find out how to take it apart? Can you reassemble the flashlight to make it work?
  • Some things to think about when creating a power circuit: What will happen if you use wires of different lengths? Does the bulb light up if the wire is a different color?   If you use two batteries will it make any difference? Can you light up 2 bulbs at the same time
  •  Have a discussion about other ways light can be created and their extensions e.g. sun, fire, reflections, mirrors, fireworks, moon, stars, match, etc
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