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  • Do some stretching movement with the children – arms, neck, fingers, legs, feet etc. Use a thick rubber band to demonstrate the fact that muscles inside our body can stretch and contract in different directions every time we move. Point out that muscles are in every part of our body, although we can’t see them. Give the children rubber bands to stretch and contract.
  • Try to feel some muscles that are close to the skin. Make a fist and feel upper arm; feel muscles in back of neck. Feel flexing in lower leg.
  • Try the stretching movements again, this time focusing on which muscles are operating.
  • Now let’s go and drink a big cup of water. Because we sweat water out of our bodies when we move and exercise, we need to replace the water that we lost. Drinking water keeps us healthy.
  • We all have muscles, and they are a very important part of our body. Whenever we move, our muscles are helping us do it. Muscles can grow stronger with exercise and movement. While children are running and playing, their muscles are growing stronger.
  • Our heart is a muscle. It moves all the time while it is beating.
  • Older children might like to learn the names of some important muscles. See sites below.
  • Can you think of some specific stretching and moving exercises for a particular muscle?   For example, what could we do to strengthen a shoulder muscle? How about a toe muscle?
  • When we run or jump for a while, we start to breathe in air faster. The air goes into our lungs, and then all around our body, and helps us be healthy. This kind of exercise is called “aerobic”
  • Jump rope.
  • Dance to music.
  • Watch the tiny muscles in your fingers work while you draw a picture with crayons or pencils.
  • Pretend to be “Super Kid” the strongest mightiest kid on earth. Go save the day! Flex those muscles!
  •  Learn to spin a hoop around your arm or waist.
  • This topic might spark and interest in other parts of the body; or a study of water; or the things we need to do to keep our body healthy.


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