Animals Need to Eat

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Animals need to eat science for preschool

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  • (This topic is for older preschoolers with some past experience about animal habits). Set out some different kinds of food that people enjoy eating.  Have the children talk about food they like.  Explain that every animal needs to eat food (and drink water) to stay alive.  Give a cracker to chew, and explain that many animals have teeth to chew their food.  Some animals prefer to eat meat, some eat plants, and some like both.  Vocab: carnivorous, herbivorous, and omnivorous. 
  • Have lots of photos, drawings, relevant books to read, display and discuss. 
  •  All animals need food to stay alive and many spend most of their time looking for it. Some animals eat meat, so they hunt for smaller creatures. Others feed on plants, seeds, or suck liquids. Animals use different parts of their bodies, including sharp teeth, strong claws, tough beaks, and sticky tongues, to help them eat their food.
  •  There are times when some animals are not able to get the food that they need.  What do you think might happen? (in winter; if they are injured or sick; flood or bushfire etc)
  •  There are some animals that rely on people to give them their food.  Can you think of some?
  •  On a large piece of paper, categorize pictures (and labels) of animals that are carnivorous, herbivorous, and omnivorous. 
  •  Discuss the fact that people can choose to be vegetarians (or make other food choices) if they prefer not to eat meat. Where would a picture of a person be placed on the above chart? Is it possible to be in two, or even all three of the categories?
  •  Scientists have told us that dinosaurs also could be classified into these eating style categories. Let’s explore that idea


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Crunch Munch by Jonathan London

Do Cows Eat Cake: A Book About What Animals Eat by Michael Dahl






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